Current Events

A rather persistent young man has requested that we post ​the below URL address somewhere on our website to fulfill a class requirement for him. Didn't see anything to disagree with after a quick skim, so here is said URL. Enjoy!

Our umpteenth annual Park to Park event will take place on TBD.

Book our Face for detailed event information, or read below our registration box for a general idea of how our event works.


Registration is necessary for this event and can be done the morning of at Leroy Jackson Park, but makes things easier for everyone if completed in advance. Our registration system (which we're affectionately referring to as the ROG -- Rock of Gibeault) is recently created by Mr. Mike Gibeault and is ultimately part of our new timing system for the Ridgecrest Desert Classic. Repeated use of this new system will help us to identify any possible issues, and ensure that everything is streamlined for the RDC come November. Having said all that, we encourage you to register via a previously existing account (Log in to Enter), or create a new account (New Person Entry). All participant information (e.g., event time and place) will be stored in these accounts in the not-too-distance future, so it's well worth it to create an account and use it regularly. Please e-mail us at with questions. We hope to see you Saturday, October 14th for our Park to Park!


Our Park to Park event consists of approximately 63 miles of pedaling and 5300 ft of climbing as you make your way from Leroy Jackson Park in Ridgecrest to the Kernville area.



Registration runs form 0645 to 0745 Saturday morning at Leroy Jackson. If you've preregistered through our ROG (registration box above), you will only need to glance over your information, donate your $8, and sign your waiver form, then be on your way. If you have not preregistered, it will take a few minutes to record your information before donating and signing.



There will be two feed stations (Walker Pass around mile 23 and Hanning Flat around mile 51 ) on the way out, and pizza from Pizza Barn will be awaiting your arrival as you pull into our final destination.



ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINDING TRANSPORTATION BACK TO RIDGECREST. Please do not wait until the night before to send an e-mail to HSC and request that we scramble for you. GUARANTEE YOUR RIDE NOW by covering a friend's pizza in the park plus a KRBC beer. 


Route slips will be provided, which will also include the Easley scavenger hunt. Our scavenger hunt is the brainchild of Anna-Maria Easley and was invented to distract those for whom this distance is extremely daunting. The list will consist of easy, entertaining items to search for as you pedal.

Please note that we are aware of the Rod Run that is taking place in Kernville on the 14th. We are currently entertaining alternative options for our final destination that will serve as our picnic area. We may bike the extra three to four miles and rendezvous in Wofford Heights, but will update everyone as soon as we have made a decision. 

Our 9 Mile Time Trial will take place on Sunday, October 22. Slower riders start closer to 0800 and faster riders start around 0900. Meet at the corner of Sterling Road and 9 Mile Canyon Road off 395, three miles north of Pearsonville. This fall's time trial will see our inaugural GOLDEN horseshoe bestowed on the fasted Clydesdale, so everyone needs to start coming out! 


Please visit our RDC tab for detailed information regarding out mountain bike race on 18 November.