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An annual High Sierra Cyclists membership costs $15 per individual, or $25 for a family. These fees are not pro-rated, meaning if you join in October, you will be charged the full $15, not just $3.75. A membership typically runs from January of the current calendar year to January of the next year.


Why do we charge our members? Well, our members are a critical part of what we do. Actually, they are everything to us because, without them, we wouldn’t be a club. So, membership funds ensure that we are able to function as a 501c3, tax-exempt, non-profit incorporation every year. This is important because it protects us as an entity and ensures that the responsibility of our activities and events does not fall on a single individual. These funds also enable us to donate money back to our community, and to support the Ridgecrest Desert Classic, our annual mountain bike race held in our back yard Rademachers.


If $15 sounds kind of steep to you, then keep in mind that our members receive discounts at our bike shop, TJ Frisbee Bicycles and also enjoy a 20% discount off RDC registration; members pay $32 instead of $40. All you need to do is spend around $70 at our bike shop(s) through the course of the year (not difficult for most of us), and your membership has paid for itself.

So what do you need to do to become a member, or to renew your membership?

1. Download this form to your computer.

2. Complete said form and submit to

3. Submit payment via PayPal option below.


Please ensure that the information associated with your payment matches that on your membership record so we can clearly associate the two.

OR visit either bike shop and submit a completed copy of a membership record (hard copies available at shops) along with your payment.

OR attend one of our events and find someone who looks like he/she knows what's going on. Ask to complete a membership record and fork over your $15 or $25.

Congratulations, you're now a member!

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